Box Build and System Integration

Box Build at the heart of our electronic contract manufacturing company

In addition to printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), we provide box build integration assembly for sub-systems and modules as well as for full product integration. Through our network of preferred suppliers, we, at IES EMS company, support you from A to Z, from the quotation to the mass production stage of your project.

All services under one roof, teams at the service of your product, are key ingredients to enter markets seamlessly.

Going beyond PCBA, we offer box build integration and assembly by setting up customer dedicated assembly lines.

Focused on continuous improvement, we commit to always optimize and streamline the assembly process, making it more efficient for our customers and therefore more competitive in their markets. With our high-end electronic manufacturing services, dedicated manufacturing areas and teams, trained towards excellence to perform box build assembly at the highest level of quality, we commit to supporting you growing and strengthening your position on your market, as an extension of your team.

As an electronic contract manufacturing company, we aim to bring our client to excellence.

We believe in a team and collaborative approach, supporting your product at the design stage but also at the end of life of your product, working on bringing the new generation to life. IES, your Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner for engineering and manufacturing services, from A to Z.

Box Build Assembly

As a global Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) supplier, IES has been playing an active and competent role in the whole process from PCB (Printed Circuit Board) fabrication, component sourcing, PCB assemblies, and testing to electronic products packaging and shipping in order to focus on clients' specific needs.

Box Build Assembly Services

Box build assembly covers such a wide range of items that it differs each time when required by different people. It can be either as simple as putting electronic systems into simple enclosures with interfaces or displays or as complicated as system integrations containing thousands of individual components or sub-assemblies. In one word, products after box build assembly can be directly sent for sale.

Box Build Assembly Capabilities

Compatible with guidelines of ISO9001, IATF16949, RoHS and UL certificates, we offer turnkey and custom box build assembly products and services, including:

• Cable assemblies;

• Wiring harnesses;

• High level integration and assembly of high mix, high complexity products;

• Electro-mechanical assemblies;

• Low-cost and high-quality component sourcing;

• Environmental testing and functional test;

• Custom Packaging

On-site 3D Printing Available for this Service